The B-warm heated seat cover


Save Money

Heating costs can be immediately reduced as thermostats can be turned down making immediate savings.

B-warm costs less than 1⁄2 pence per hour to use.

Relax with the B Warm heated seat cover


Unwind at the end of the day. The B-warm is very therapeutic, soothing away aches and pains by providing constant gentle heat from your neck to your knees.

Versatile and easy to use B Warm heated seat cover.


Light & portable it is easily attached and removed and fits most styles of chair or sofas and is suitable for many lifestyles and age groups.

Safe and easy to operate B Warm heated seat cover

Safe & easy to operate

With a single button control, B-warm produces low level controlled heat with 4 adjustable settings from 10W to 45W and safety automatic switch- off feature. B-warm is resistant to spillages and fully machine washable.

Additional Product Benefits  

  • B-Warm heated armchair cover has been developed by Homeglow Products Ltd for those who suffer with the cold – the frail and elderly, discharged patients from hospital, or those with mobility problems and suffering from rheumatism.

  • It is a simple, intuitive means of keeping people warm at relatively Low Cost using our innovative B-warm product.

  • Using a single control button, you can adjust the heat control, with switch off safety feature set at 4 hours in case the person falls asleep. The seat cover is machine washable and has additional safety features. It is also simple and easy to fit to any home chair.

  • The benefits from using B-warm heated seat cover, besides the sense of comfort and wellbeing it promotes, is the remarkable amount of energy saving. During the product trials it was found that simply by reducing the home heating by 3 Celsius (from 21C to 18C), an energy saving has been achieved of over 33% a year. This has been consistently achieved during the three year trial period.

  • A seated person produces c.35 W of heat (an active one c.100W). By adding direct warmth in the form of a heated seat cover with a range of 10W to 45W it is possible to keep that person warm for 1/30th of the cost of a 1kW radiant fire. The radiant fire costs c.15p per hour, the B-Warm 1/2p per hour.