Additional Product Benefits  

B-Warm heated armchair cover has been developed by Homeglow Products Ltd for those who suffer with the cold – the frail and elderly, discharged patients from hospital, or those with mobility problems and suffering from rheumatism.

It is a simple, intuitive means of keeping people warm at relatively Low Cost using our innovative B-warm product.

Using a single control button, you can adjust the heat control, with switch off safety feature set at 4 hours incase the person falls asleep. The seat cover is washing machine washable and has additional safety features. It is also simple and easy to fit to any home chair.


The benefits from using B-warm heated seat cover, besides the sense of comfort and wellbeing it promotes, is the remarkable amount of energy saving. During the product trials it was found that simply by reducing the home heating by 3 Celsius from 21C to 18C, an energy saving has been achieved of over 33% a year. This has been consistently achieved during the three year trial period.

While this figure might be considered a bonus to the average householder, in an environment such as a care home this level of energy saving would be extremely cost effective in the unique conditions that apply. A number of residents will inevitably feel the cold year round, the result is that the heating has to be left on during clement weather (such as summer) with the resultant extra cost.

The majority will find it excessively warm, also the working conditions for the staff become unbearable, resulting in inefficiency if not health issues. Any reduction of the background heating will save approximately 10% of energy costs (year round) per degree Celsius. This figure will vary from building to building due to construction standards and environmental influences, but in essence it is a fair yardstick and many reports from around the world confirm this saving.

A seated person produces c.35 W of heat (an active one c.100W). By adding direct warmth in the form of a heated seat cover with a range of 10W to 45W it is possible to keep that person warm for 1/30th of the cost of a 1kW radiant fire. The radiant fire costs c.15p per hour, the B-Warm 1/2p per hour.

If say ten residents would need extra warmth it would cost 5p per hour maximum (as low as 2p per hour on the lowest setting for all 10), barely measurable. Given a care home with typical heating and lighting costs per person per week of £12.85 (ref: Colliers International Care Home Costs 2013) and with 50 beds then the cost of heating and lighting would total c. £33,500 per annum.

A reduction of 3 Celsius on installed thermostats would save some £10,000 a year in running costs, for an outlay (for a maximum of 50 B-Warms) of £3,000 ex VAT, a saving of £7,000 in the first year and further benefits thereafter!