Age UK - Fighting Fuel Poverty


Age UK have just released the latest figures about fuel poverty in the United Kingdom. It is believed that around six million households in the UK are in the midst of fuel poverty. These stats seem to suggest that 3.5 million of the people impacted are pensioners. That’s right. Even though the government gives a fuel allowance in the UK, pensioners still have to deal with fuel poverty and that is just not right.


So, what is fuel poverty? Well, it occurs when people do not have enough cash at their disposal to heat their home properly. There are a number of different reasons for this. Rising fuel costs for starters, but many homes are also poorly insulated and are thus incredibly tough to keep warm as all of that heat is escaping. The government is, of course, trying to do something to remedy this, but with so many people living in fuel poverty still, they are clearly not doing enough to fix the situation.

Fuel poverty is dangerous, particularly to those of the older generation.


About nine million people in the United Kingdom are impacted by arthritis. This is a condition which you really do not want to be dealing with in a cold environment. Pain levels will shoot up and those joints just won’t be flexible enough. The older generation may be impacted in other ways too. For example; as you get older, your body will find it very tough to regulate body heating. If you get too cold, and this is a common problem for many old people, your body could enter into hyperthermia. If that happens, it may be a race against time to save a life.


Evidently we need to do something that will inject a little bit of heat into the homes of those dealing with fuel poverty but without a huge cost. We believe our ‘B-Warm Heated Seat Cover’ is the best solution for this.


Our product, created by our founder Martin Lewis, is one of a kind on the market. It designed to help homeowners save money on their heating bills. As you can probably guess from the name, it is a seat cover. All you need to do is sit on it and you will get all of the warmth that you need.


Poor insulation in the home will not impact the heat that it is giving out either. This is because the heat is being delivered directly to you. There is nowhere for it to escape to. This means that you will be able to reduce the background heat of your home, drastically cutting down on your heating expenditure. The best part is that the seat cover only costs ½ penny an hour to run. You can’t heat your home for anywhere near that amount.

Sara Qualter