Cost cutting


We may have just started to crawl out of the recession, but most businesses are still looking to trim down on costs wherever possible. One area which business owners really seem to be trying to target at the moment is that of heating. Let’s face it; most buildings in the UK at the moment are poorly insulated. Companies don’t want to invest in it. They know that if they crank up the heat, most of it is going to escape. This will drive up their energy bills even further. They don’t want that.


Their solution is to instead cut down on the amount of heat they pump into the room. The businesses’ bank account doesn’t suffer, but the employees, particularly young ones, sure do.


Most young people nowadays are absolutely ecstatic to have a job. They don’t want to speak out of turn because they are fearful that they will be kicked out of the job pretty sharpish. Older employees know the drill and will call a company out on it if things are too cold, but for youngsters that is a big no. This means employers are getting away with it.


What employers do not seem to consider, however, is the fact that if employees get cold, they will lose their morale. If they suffer a morale loss then their productivity will dwindle. Employers may think that they are saving money by not paying as much money for heating, but productivity from employees will plummet and that means the company will be making less money overall. The employer will tend to get a rather bad reputation for not caring about their staff too, and that is just going to scare away future candidates (word really does travel fast in certain industries!)


If you have ever tried convincing a business to spend money though, you will know that you have a mission on your hands. Even companies with the biggest profits are less-than-willing to part with a bit of cash (those stockholders need their money, right?). Thankfully, you may find that the solution we offer here at Homeglow Products may turn their head.


Our product, known as the ‘B Warm Seated Heat Cover’ is, as the name sounds, a heated seat cover. Businesses can purchase one of these for each of the people working in their office and cut down on their energy bills drastically. Why? Well, because the heated seat cover will deliver heat directly to the user. There is no need to turn up the environmental heat a ton. After all, that heat will just escape, and every single piece of energy that escapes will cost money. You don’t have to worry about that at all with the ‘B Warm Heated Seat Cover’.


Employees can just sit back, relax, and get on with their work. Each unit only costs about 1/2p an hour to run too! This means that heating each employee, on an average workday, will cost a tad over 4p. You can’t heat up the room for anywhere near that amount!

Check out our heated seat cover today.

Sara Qualter