About Homeglow 

Created and developed by Martin Lewis, founder of Homeglow Products Ltd, B-warm could reduce household annual heating bills by several hundreds of pounds. Mr Lewis estimates that in the winter months each product should pay for itself in just six weeks of use.

Mr Lewis worked on a design for an affordable and efficient armchair warmer after his late wife Audrey, who suffered with arthritis, said she wished she could take the heated seats from the couple’s car into the house.

Mr Lewis explained: “After my wife’s comments we tried out lots of car seat heaters and looked at chair warming pads. But they were inefficient, short-lived or extremely expensive. Clearly there was a gap in the market, so I went back to basics."

“By calculating how much heat a body generates in watts while active and inactive and then reworking electric blanket designs, I came up with a model which I found could be run for just 0.5 pence an hour. Even in our old and cold stone cottage, using the B-warm we drop the temperature to as low as 18 or even 13 and be very warm when sitting. Our heating bills dropped significantly as a result.”

“I’ve invented lots of things in my life, but this is the first venture where I feel I have real control over the process and the business. I am convinced that my product can make an important contribution to tackling the huge problem of fuel poverty in this country.”